Why Vegan & Vegetarian Diets are NOT for Everyone

For the past year, I’ve been transitioning into a pescatarian diet. Since I was young (11 years old to be exact) I’ve never really been into meat. When I was 11, I was … Continue Reading →


Have You Read The Celestine Prophecy?

This was an amazing read. Let me first say that. I have been meaning to read this for a long time now and I finally got around to reading it … Continue Reading →


Tips For Traveling To Paris, France

If you’re thinking about traveling to Paris, France, this is a list of tips for you on your trip. I went to Paris twice. Once when I was 12 years … Continue Reading →


Travel Tips for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Are you traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? I’ve compiled a list of things you should definitely be aware of before you travel to the sunny beaches of Copacabana: 1. … Continue Reading →

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Cut Them Off When the Ball Drops

With the New Year only a day away, I thought it was imperative to resurrect this blog that I haven’t updated in months. With the new year swiftly approaching, I’ve … Continue Reading →


Apparently All Black Men Are Drug Dealers & Deadbeats

So I’m sure by now, those who are active on social media have seen these “Daquan” memes floating around. If not, look at the hashtag #Daquan on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, … Continue Reading →

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I Can’t Date a Man from New York

So, as a recently single gal, I’ve been exploring the dating scene in the greater New York city area. I moved to New York from Louisiana in late 2012. When … Continue Reading →


Should College Dropouts be Allowed to Give Commencement Speeches?

Sean ‘P-Diddy/Puffy/Puff Daddy/Diddy’ Combs is slated to give a commencement speech at Howard University in May for the graduating class of 2014. There has been some debate as to whether … Continue Reading →

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Dear Mom, I’m No Longer a Virgin

  Dear Mom, I’m no longer a virgin. I know this is somewhat hard to believe (since for some odd reason you still think I’ve never been kissed before). I … Continue Reading →


My Breakup

Dear Love of my Life, I’ve finally decided to end this 9-year relationship that we’ve shared. It’s been an abusive and emotional rollercoaster. I’ve realized that after almost a decade … Continue Reading →