Sun Maid Dried Plums

IMG_8519So the first product I wanted to tell you guys about is this one. SunMaid California Pitted Prunes. One of my friends actually works at the corporate office of SunMaid (in California) and he brought some of these for me to try. I was hesistant at first…but honestly they’re amazing. FYI: I wouldn’t rant and rave about a product unless I’ve tried it, ate it, or worn it and it was to my liking.

If I ever want something sweet, this is my go-to snack. I’m trying to make healthier food choices for 2014 and these dried plums are my new staple.

One word of advice though, if you do decide to try these, is that the fiber content in them gave me a bit of gas…and for those of you with irregular bowel movements (such as myself)these sweet treats willdo the trick [if you catch my drift]. 

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