Are Men Threatened By Successful Women?

Image by Witthaya Phonsawat via

Image by Witthaya Phonsawat via

I was listening to the radio the other day and I heard the usual midday banter. On this particular day, the discussion was about The Bachelor. I’ve never watched a full episode of The Bachelor in my life, but just as I was about to switch the radio station, I stopped to listen to the interesting discussion that was taking place. Apparently one contestant on the show, Andi Dorfman, is a lawyer but downplays her smarts by her air-headedness. She actually told the bachelor that she hates to read. What was more shocking to many viewers was that this ditzy woman is actually a successful lawyer. A closing argument she gave during a murder trial has surfaced and it appears that Andi isn’t as dumb as she’d like us to think. The real question that I’m wondering is if and why women, in this day and age, still play dumb to attract and appease men? Are men threatened by intelligent and successful women? I thought in 2014 this question was laughable but perhaps I was wrong? This seems like another case of Legally BlondeWhy would an esteemed lawyer feel the need to belittle her smarts? Well, perhaps Andi actually does HATE to read. [I’m not sure how a person who hates to read becomes a lawyers being that a large chunk of law school involves reading].

Men have voiced that they want a woman who is successful; juggling school and work, leading her own business, or just being focused and making all her dreams happen. But do men want women to be successful only as long as she’s less successful than them? I know there are some men out there that don’t want their woman to make more money than them [baffling right?]. But there are MORE men who yearn for and seek out women who are ambitious and established. Playing dumb may be cute to some men so long as the woman they’re courting isn’t actually dumb. Nothing is more unattractive than someone who lacks intelligence. While the air-headed girl may nab some time with a guy, if she doesn’t bring any mental stimulation to the table, she will be dropped faster than celebs drop baby weight.

I wish women would stop giving the impression that intelligence isn’t beautiful. Young girls don’t want to showcase their smarts because they’re scared they might turn boys off, which is partially true. But while little boys may feel threatened by a woman’s success and intellect, a real man is drawn to it.



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  • I think some men are just because of the way the chick would act. They want to wear the pants at that point.
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  • Marc says:

    I’ve noticed that most men aren’t intimidated of successful women. They are afraid that they will get a certain woman and she will try to manipulate the relationship to her benefit. Most modern day women are so competitive that they forget that the best thing they can be to a man is his companion. You can look at the Obama’s or even Jay and Beyonce as examples. These women are both career driven and successful, but they know when to switch from competitor to companion. This doesn’t mean they belittle themselves, but they put more focus on the femininity a woman should exhibit. The only reason that any woman would start to act “ditzy” to get a man is she’s fake and insecure. It speaks volumes that the woman you spoke about is a lawyer and choses to dumb herself down to get with a successful man.
    Hiding behind a mask only to take it off later in the relationship is something most women do to men. All we want is realness, wherever we can find it. No shell games or charades. Just a woman that is comfortable in her own skin. That’s the type of woman you marry.

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