I Want a Love Like Beyonce and Jay-Z

photo (2)Ok…so the 56th annual Grammy Awards are still going on right now but we already have a lot of meme-worthy moments to tweet and instagram about. The highlight of my night was the opening performance of “Drunk in Love” with power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. Now as a disclaimer, I love Beyonce. I’ve seen her in concert numerous times [I cry at every performance] and I have always been in awe of her beauty, elegance, style and grace no matter the circumstance. She is the epitome of a classy lady. And I love love love Beyonce and Jay-Z together. Their love is beautiful to watch. But what many of us fail to realize is that they are just like any other couple; they have their ups and downs too. What I’m really getting tired of seeing is females aspiring for what they have. What they have is beautiful but you should aim to find your own prince charming; not finding a shell of what someone else has. We, as a society, have a really unhealthy obsession with celebrities and put their relationships on a pedestal when we don’t even know what goes on behind closed doors. Instead of aspiring for what Bey and Jay have why don’t you focus on bettering yourself so that when the next person comes along, you are ready? Why would any two relationships be the same when there are no two people who are the same? No one is perfect so you can imagine what the result of putting two imperfect people together is. Everything isn’t rainbows and lollipops. You want a relationship like Jay and Bey but do you make Beyonce money? Are you a multi-million dollar powerhouse? Are you comfortable with dating a man for 9 years before marrying him? Are you satisfied with dating a rapper? Contrary to what you may think, you are not like Beyonce. You can aspire to find someone to spend your life with but don’t emulate and obsess over what they have. I’m sick of hearing women say “I want to find a love like Jay and Bey’s!” Well are you anything like Beyonce? [No!] Strive to find a love that sweeps you off your feet and takes your breath away; search for that person that you can’t live without and who gives you butterflies. Don’t try to be Jay and Bey because only they can do that. Be yourself. Find a love of your own. No two love stories are the same; stop trying to have what someone else has and search for a love that is unique to you.


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