Happy 10th Birthday FACEBOOK!

unnamedSo, I can’t believe Facebook has been around for 10 years! On Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 Facebook celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. Facebook has honestly been such a huge part of our lives and we don’t even think twice about it.

I joined Facebook in July of 2005 after my sister raved about it. I had seen a blurb about it in some magazine that was giving tips to upcoming college freshman. One of the tips was to join a growing website called Facebook. I had really enjoyed Myspace but there were some parts of it that were unappealing to me…the fact that randoms followed you was……..interesting..but I didn’t really like the idea of figuring out what codes I had to use on my Myspace page to make it look cool…and there were too many aspiring “models”, fake singers, and low-budget rappers for my liking. Joining Facebook was simpler. Back in 2005 when I joined Facebook, it was for college students only AND not every college had access to Facebook. Those at some community colleges weren’t even able to use it yet. It’s crazy to think that you had to make a decision about someone based solely off a profile picture [at this time Facebook only allowed ONE default picture]. I remember adding everyone from my dorm that I met and a few people I knew from high school. Once my freshman year of college was fully underway, I started to realize what an amazing communication tool Facebook really was. You could go to a party, get drunk, make out with someone and the next day you’d get a Facebook friend request [story of my college career…but that’s a story for another day]. So many of my Facebook friends were made while I was inebriated at a club, bar, or party. Facebook was really changing the way millennials communicated, dated, and connected with each other.

I remember in December of 2005 when Facebook got photo albums. That was such a huge deal. No more catfishing with photoshopped default pictures! I also remember when Facebook announced that it would allow high school students to join. I remember my disdain and how I said if that happened I would quit Facebook [I didn’t]. Once high schoolers joined it, I knew the general public was soon to follow [they did]. At the time I failed to see how genius it was for Zuckerburg to open Facebook up to the public. I can see clearly now!!!

Facebook has allowed me to connect with my family in Africa. Cousins I had never met before, I was able to see via Facebook. I can easily say Facebook was one of the most, if not THE most innovative invention of this generation. It has changed everything.

Facebook was instrumental in the Arab Spring and is credited for the revolution that took place in Egypt. When students were killed in a deadly shooting at Virginia Tech, Facebook users could contact their friends and family to let them know what happened. Facebook even allows you (depending on the privacy settings) to visit the profiles of those who are deceased. Their last words and thoughts may be plastered on their Facebook.

The impact that Facebook has had on us in the past 10 years is monumental. I like twitter, I love Instagram, and I am infatuated with Youtube, but I truly don’t know where the world would be without Facebook. Facebook has definitely changed the way we communicate forever. Yeah, Myspace and Friendster were cool but there weren’t Facebook. They didn’t connect people the way Facebook has; Facebook has become the second most visited website [after google] on the planet.

Some of my friends have moved on to other social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. I love Twitter for what it is [although at first I was VERRRRRRY reluctant to join]. Instagram is great for photo sharing but Facebook combines all the popular social networks and rolls everything into one. I could never discontinue my Facebook page [although I did have a brief 5 day stint when I got off Facebook in 2008 because I was “over” it]. I have soooo many memories that have been captured and immortalized via Facebook. I have a lot of cringe-worthy and ratchet moments from college and although some of them I don’t need a virtual reminder of (thanks Facebook Timeline), there are so many more I love, which are time capsuled via Facebook.
College was some of the best times of my life. I made life long friends, fell in love, and became a woman and Facebook has chronicled my journey. I don’t even think we understand how blessed we really are; 50 years ago, that would be unfathomable. I don’t know what the future holds…I’m certain Facebook will have evolved in 20 years but at least I have these moments. Moments of laughter, joy, pain, confusion, and fear. The most precious years of my life.

Thank you Mark and Thank you Facebook!

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