Is Nicki Minaj Wrong For Using Malcolm X Image?

unnamed-1Yesterday Nicki Minaj premiered her new video for a single off her upcoming album, The Pink Print. Nicki looked amazing in the video; she resurrected the 2007 Nicki that we all love. I appreciate her quirky style, off-the-wall outfits and rainbow colored wigs but the reason why I gravitated towards Nicki is because she is a tongue-in-cheek spitfire with an unapologetic, in-your-face attitude you don’t often get from female artists. The video for her new single Lookin’ Ass N*gga featured Nicki slithering around on a chair in what appeared to be the middle of a desert. She looked great with black hair (and a more natural hairstyle) plus her makeup was flawless. She reminded me of the young Nicki from Jamaica, Queens. What I’m confused about though, is the picture featured on the single cover (below). The picture features an image of Malcolm X looking out the window with an M1 Carbine in hand. My qualms with the image are that it implies that Malcolm himself was a “lookin’ ass n*gga,” which is an insult to everything Malcolm stood for. I read Malcolm X’s autobiography; I understand the man came from humble beginnings and did his own share of wrong-doing but towards his death, he had reformed his life, converted to Islam and became a poignant figure in the Civil Rights Movement. I get what Nicki was trying to convey…but it was done in the wrong way. I think Malcolm’s image was supposed to signify that he was checking for “lookin’ ass n*ggas,” and not that he himself was one. Although controversy for ANY musician is inevitably a good thing [more attention = great publicity] she should have rethought her usage of the image because it’s obviously very easy to misconstrue. Nicki is no stranger to controversy and is often voicing her opinions [and getting stones thrown because of them] via Twitter. I respect her for refusing to hold her tongue on issues like women’s treatment in the media and gender roles. I’m sure she will be issuing a statement explaining WHY she felt that the image was fitting for the single.

What do you think of Nicki’s new single cover? Did she go too far?



  • dilvan moses says:

    I think this generation of rappers have no respect of our Icon who fight for our justice like Malcom X. as for Nicki I don’t care about her song but I have problem of her using the Image of X.

    • Janice says:

      Yeah my issue was the use of the image. I think the song was straight…not my favorite song of hers but the video was dope.

    • zipporah says:

      i believe these kids around her age, may be the children of CRACKHEADS.. and is a reason why the music is so weird. I noticed the music actually went downhill around the late 80-2000s (the late 80s, the crackheads were in the single digits, the 2000s they are CREATING THE sc/RAP.
      just look at Lil Wayne! he may have been born on crack since he was born in the early 80s. anyone who tats their FACES UP may have been just that.

  • Justin says:

    Every one would know she wasn’t referring to him being a looking a** n***a if they watched the video. In the video Nicki played him…every one knows Nicki Minaj is very theatrical. Nicki Minaj was representing that she sees these lookin a** n***a an she is ready to shoot. And at the end of the video that’s exactly what she did. I think it was great promotion. My thing is I’m a guy I’m on her side with this song. If a guy did something like this….no on would say anything.

    • Janice says:

      I completely agree. It’s definitely a double standard in our society. Men are just up in arms without actually listening to the song. I’m not phased when men create songs disrespecting women because I wouldn’t put up with disrespect and I am not that particular subset of women they are referring to. And you’re definitely right; her album is getting a lot of promo from this whole situation

      • jalen says:

        hey ,you need to watch this video about this topic,it will help you understand why dudz are mad about this topic-Why the Negro won’t boycott @NICKIMINAJ

        • Janice says:

          I wrote an article about my thoughts regarding Nicki’s video. I understand why men are “mad” but I’m just disgusted at the obvious double standard…none of these men complain when men call us disrespectful names so I’m not really trying to hear men complain when these are the same men jamming to the rap and hip hop which often degrades women.

  • zipporah says:

    We black women SHOULD BE PHASED and upset about how music went downhill starting with GANSTA SC/RAP.. (if women were upset and the artists were losing money, they would have changed their lyrics!)
    this is a reason the term ‘thug’ is equated with BLACK.. since many record artists wanted to be related to GANGASTAS imo

    • Janice says:

      black women are phased but many of us are just tired of the blatant disrespect. I’m not a huge fan of the song but I’m not here for the double-standard…none of these men are complaining when rappers degrade our women continuously so I don’t want to hear a peep from men unless they’re defending women from the disrespect that occurs.

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