Best Blow Dryer For Natural Hair

When it comes to my hair, I’m definitely lazy. I chopped all my chemically-treated hair off in August of 2012 and I’ve been #teamnatural ever since. Any one who has gone from relaxed hair to natural hair knows the transition can be difficult. I think the hardest part of my journey thus far has been trying to figure out which products are the best for my particular type of hair. A large part of going natural is doing the adequate research so that you can figure out what the best regiment is.

I bought a cheap hair dryer from Sally’s right before I went natural and I purchased a comb attachment to go with it. Within a few uses, the comb attachment started to break. My hair is supppppper dupppppper thick so it was partially my fault for thinking a $5 comb attachment would suffice.

I’ve never purchased any hair products via Amazon before; my first time was for the purchase of this blowdryer: the CONAIR INFINITI TOURMALINE. I was pleasantly surprised. Below is a picture of my hair after the use of the blowdryer. It was easy to use, has different temperature settings [unlike my last blowdryer] and after one or two tries my hair was blown out. Usually I have to run my blowdryer through the same spot of hair multiple times but with this dryer that wasn’t the case.

For anyone looking for a great blowdryer that works well with your natural hair, this dryer is a great option.





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