Black Women Have the Highest College Enrollment

unnamed-5Great news for black women: According to data collected by the US Census, in 2011 black women surpassed all other races and genders when it comes to college enrollment rates. This means that 1 out of every 10 black females are enrolled in colleges and universities. This is amazing news and perhaps an indication that racial barriers in the educational realm are diminishing.

I can’t say I was surprised. I know the amount of people enrolling in college has increased exponentially in the past decade. But what does this mean? Three conclusions I’ve come to regarding this data are:

1. The cost of tuition will continue to rise because there are so many people enrolling in colleges and universities.
2. The value of a degree is weakened..a Bachelors degree is no longer a commodity any more. A Bachelors degree has become equivalent to a high school diploma.
3. More black women in college typically means more black women accumulating college debt.

Although the media would lead us to believe black women are nothing more than neck-swinging, attitude-filled sexpots, this is not the case. [Well, usually not.] Of course there are women who fit the stereotype but the majority of black women are actually intelligent, articulate, and ambitious. I’m glad to see that a story like this is shattering some widely-held misconceptions about black women.

Is this data shocking to you?

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