BEWARE: Your Next Pedicure Could Cause an Infection!

Image by Praisaeng via

Image by Praisaeng via

On Friday, 20/20 featured a story on how uncleanly many nail salons are. I was mortified and relieved. I was mortified to discover how easy it is to get an infection while getting a pedicure…and relieved because I almost never get pedicures. For those of you who frequent the nail salon to get your ‘feet did’ please let this serve as a cautionary tale.

One thing about me is that I’m frugal. I hate spending money when I don’t have to. I’ve gotten my nails done more times than I can count but I refuse to pay $30 for a pedicure when I can just do it myself and it will last just as long and look just as amazing. All it really requires is a pumice stone, a good nail file, nail clipper, nail polish and top coat. Now, I have NO incentive to go to get a pedicure because of how grossly disgusting it can be. In a 20/20 report, they visited many popular nail salons across different locations of America and revealed shocking evidence. Bacteria and fecal matter found in, on, and around the pedicure equipment and unsanitary use of equipment. Just the thought of a pumice stone or nail clipper being used on my feet after clipping someone’s corns or filing their feet makes me want to vomit in my mouth. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl.

Not only are many pedicure stations teeming with germs and bacteria but nail technicians are using equipment that has not been approved by the state. [Please refrain from using machetes on my feet m’am!] You could pick up a staph infection from a pedicure or even worse: lose your leg! Ok. I’m being a little extreme but it is definitely within the realm of possibility. In the 20/20 episode, one woman was interviewed who had her leg cut off after a pedicure-gone-wrong caused her to get an infection. She did get a hefty settlement of around $300,000 but no amount of money is worth losing a limb!

Moral of the story: Do your research before going to a nail salon and make sure you keep your eye on your  nail technicians! If you don’t feel right about something, trust your gut and don’t be afraid to ask them questions about the tools that they use and why they are using them. If you feel like the nail salon is unsanitary, gather your belongings and leave! Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the result of a pedicure gone wrong. [BEWARE THE PICTURE BELOW IS GRAPHIC]

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