The Power of #BlackTwitter

urlIf you don’t know by now, let this be a warning: Black Twitter is a force to be reckoned with. For the past 4 years I’ve watched the growth of the black voice on Twitter. When I first joined in 2010, there were a few individuals who spoke on black culture but now the black voice on Twitter has grown exponentially.

At times, when Black Twitter comes together the discussion could be $200 dates, light skin vs. dark skin debates, Lil’ Boosie, and popular television shows. At other times though, blacks ban together to implement major changes; don’t underestimate the impact of Black Twitter.

I don’t really know if all blacks on twitter would constitute as Black Twitter, but there are key people who definitely have a great impact on the site. Regardless of exactly who is part of Black Twitter, there’s no denying that the black voice on Twitter is prevalent and powerful. Something as simple as a hashtag from a prominent member of Black Twitter can spawn a firestorm of controversy.

Last night I witnessed two girls who thought it was funny to take pictures of themselves in black face and declare themselves as members of Black Twitter. Anyone who knows their history, understands how disgusting and degrading the practice of blackface was to blacks and how it is not funny in any way, shape, or form. Obviously Black Twitter didn’t take kindly to their “joke.” Within an hour of the picture’s upload, Black Twitter was able to find the girls’ names, car, and exact place of employment. Impressive. Black Twitter is no stranger to tweeting to companies and calling peoples’ jobs and getting them fired due to racist tweets.
Following the non-guilty verdict of George Zimmerman, one of the jurors on the Trayvon Martin trial spoke in an interview about a pending book deal regarding her experiences on the jury. Once Black Twitter caught wind of her book aspirations, they found the publisher’s twitter and tweeted to the publishing company until they 86’d the book deal. Again, very impressive Black Twitter.

If you don’t want to feel the wrath of Black Twitter:
1. Stay away from doing blackface
2. Refrain from tweeting racist slurs
3. If you find that you have offended Black Twitter, apologize profusely.

You would think these are basic principles that any sane individual would follow but you’d be surprised how many ignorant people hide behind 140 characters.

Whether it’s outrage over blackface, Zimmerman’s boxing match, or a celebrity’s racist banter, Black Twitter can track you down, find your name, address, and place of work with impressive speed and accuracy. Although sometimes Black Twitter doesn’t use their “powers” for good, it’s astonishing how much power blacks have when we come together and how large of an impact we really have.

What do you think of #BlackTwitter ?
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