Apparently All Black Men Are Drug Dealers & Deadbeats


So I’m sure by now, those who are active on social media have seen these “Daquan” memes floating around. If not, look at the hashtag #Daquan on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram and you are sure to pull up a barrage of memes. The memes mostly contain white girls/boys talking to their mothers and explaining why they love this fictional character, Daquan. While the memes are somewhat comical, what bothers me the most is that the memes reflect some of the most negative stereotypes about blacks. By continuing to repost these pictures we are laughing at ourselves. Why can we get angry when other people make fun of black people when here we are reposting pictures that suggest that black men are absent fathers and drug dealers? I get it; it’s all fun, games and jokes. Perhaps I’m being oversensitive; but I just can’t laugh too hard when the joke is at our expense. World Star Hiphop is a website that showcases ignorance. While people of all races have been featured   unnamed-1on the site, the overwhelming majority of the content on the site is black people fighting and acting crazy. I fail to see the humor in a black woman throwing her baby across a bus to fight another woman, a black man uppercutting someone on a bus, or young black women cursing at each other and fighting. World Star Hiphop is a wildly popular website…and why? We’ve become such a spectacle and we don’t even realize it. We laugh but don’t realize the joke is on us; everyone is laughing AT US not WITH US…when will we see? There are plenty of intelligent, hard-working, black men that exist…there are also a lot of black men who are violent, deal drugs, and father children they have no intentions of taking care of. Is laughing at these stereotypes helping to defuse these over-generalizations? The fact that over 70% of black children are born to single mothers is an alarming statistic. Instead of poking fun at the reality, we should be proposing solutions on how to lower the number of absent fathers in the black community [more access to contraception for one].   unnamed I hardly find the humor in these types of memes, even though some have told me to “lighten up.” I just don’t think the problems that plague the black community are a laughing matter; if we find humor in our own inadequacies, what gives us the right to shame others that do so? Obviously we know better so instead of creating these pointless memes for likes and retweets, why don’t we work on doing better?

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