Tips For Traveling To Paris, France

If you’re thinking about traveling to Paris, France, this is a list of tips for you on your trip.

I went to Paris twice. Once when I was 12 years old and another time three years ago. I have a lot of extended family that lives there so when I went both times, I was staying with family. I did however, have to purchase my flight ticket to go to Paris. When I purchased my ticket, I did it through Delta because I had several frequent flyer miles with them. My plane ticket was $1100. It would have been cheaper had I purchased it through Expedia, but I was more concerned with getting my frequent flyer mileage. My suggestion is if you’re staying in a hotel and buying airfare, purchase it all in a package, which will be a lot cheaper than buying both individually.

My family members that live in Paris showed me around to all the touristy spots. Europeans [depending on WHERE you go] generally speak English. Paris is a city where you can venture off to different places by yourself.

The best sights to see that I recommend for all tourists = The Eiffel Tower, le champs Elyses, The Louvre, Notre Dame.

I didn’t get to go to the bridge of locks (I don’t know the actual name) but I think that’s a dope must-see for anyone traveling to Paris. Apparently it’s a bridge of thousands (?) of different locks and you can bring your own and write your name on it…it’s a pretty cool photo op.

In addition, trying Parisian food is a must! I had authentic french croissants! My absolutely favorite.

In Paris the food is similar to ours…a lot of breads and cheeses and pastries. No need to worry about getting sick.

Everything was super expensive though. Beware! If you want to buy souvenirs, you can purchase eiffel tower key chains and such at the eiffel tower. The vendors often jack up the prices when they see that you’re a foreigner so it’s good to try to heckle with them in order to get a lower price.

One thing to keep in mind in Paris is that EVERYTHING is smaller. I wasn’t used to the compact sizes of the cars, streets, apartments, houses and even the food portions.

Public transportation is highly recommended because it’s cheap and efficient. I could compare their transit system to the New York City transit or Washington D.C. metro system. It’s a more cost efficient option than taking taxis around. It’s clean and definitely safe. And if you get lost, most people in Paris speak English.

The Parisians I met were fascinated by the fact that I was American. The French, or at least those in Paris, seem to LOVE Americans! Make sure to tell people [if the opportunity presents itself] that you’re American.

Everyone is Paris was also so fashionable and well dressed. I love fashion so I felt like I fit right in.

I hope you enjoy your journey to France and below are a few of my pictures from my most recent visit!

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