Hi Everyone!

I’m Janice also known as J-Nice on the Mic. I gave myself that moniker when I first started recording Youtube videos. J-Nice is a nickname that a friend gave me in high school and my proverbial microphone is the platform that I use to start a conversation and insight change. I started making Youtube videos in 2011 and since then I have amassed over 8,000 subscribers and over two million video views. My goal is to help stimulate conversation and raise awareness of many issues that plague our society.

I come from a family of immigrants. My parents both emigrated to America from Africa. They instilled in me so many valuable lessons, including the importance of education. I’m currently pursing a doctorate degree in the field of psychology. My unique college experiences coupled with my education and background have taught me many lessons that are worth sharing with the world. My vision is to bring attention to the many facets of racism so that individuals can make informed judgments without acting on unconscious biases. I want to motivate young women to respect themselves more. The road to college and graduate school is not easy; I want to help aspiring students find their way in a sea of uncertainty.

My vision is to help people: I intend on doing so in different ways. I was blessed with many experiences and opportunities, which have taught me a lot about life and I feel that it is my duty to share some of the lessons I’ve learned with the world. My hope in establishing this website is to create an interactive conversation platform with all participants. Feedback and suggestions are highly encouraged.


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