Should College Dropouts be Allowed to Give Commencement Speeches?

Sean ‘P-Diddy/Puffy/Puff Daddy/Diddy’ Combs is slated to give a commencement speech at Howard University in May for the graduating class of 2014. There has been some debate as to whether … Continue Reading →

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Dear Mom, I’m No Longer a Virgin

  Dear Mom, I’m no longer a virgin. I know this is somewhat hard to believe (since for some odd reason you still think I’ve never been kissed before). I … Continue Reading →


My Breakup

Dear Love of my Life, I’ve finally decided to end this 9-year relationship that we’ve shared. It’s been an abusive and emotional rollercoaster. I’ve realized that after almost a decade … Continue Reading →


Does Everyone Deserve The Right To An Education?

In the early 80s my parents immigrated to this country from Cameroon. They instilled in me the value and importance of an education. Every student in America, and across the … Continue Reading →


My Quarter-life Crisis Rant

I turn 27 in two and a half weeks. I’m kind of scared. I don’t know if my life is where it should be. In one sense, I’m in school … Continue Reading →


Black Women Have the Highest College Enrollment

Great news for black women: According to data collected by the US Census, in 2011 black women surpassed all other races and genders when it comes to college enrollment rates. … Continue Reading →

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9 Things Every College Student Should Know

College is a wonderful time in your life when you make life long friendships, start to establish who you are, and evaluate what really piques your interest. My undergrad career … Continue Reading →


Beyonce Course Being Offered At Rutgers University

Jezebel has reported that students at Rutgers University will be able to take a course on Beyonce. Now, before you start to judge, Kevin Allred [the professor]  says the course will … Continue Reading →


7 Tips For Grad School

You’ve applied to a plethora of grad schools and you finally received your letter of admission! You couldn’t be more excited to embark on this new adventure. While a masters or … Continue Reading →