Why Vegan & Vegetarian Diets are NOT for Everyone

For the past year, I’ve been transitioning into a pescatarian diet. Since I was young (11 years old to be exact) I’ve never really been into meat. When I was 11, I was … Continue Reading →


What is Oil Pulling & Why Should You Be Doing It?

On Youtube I stumbled across a very informative video by popular beauty blogger Hey Fran Hey, in which she details her experiences with a beauty method called oil pulling. I … Continue Reading →

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BEWARE: Your Next Pedicure Could Cause an Infection!

On Friday, 20/20 featured a story on how uncleanly many nail salons are. I was mortified and relieved. I was mortified to discover how easy it is to get an … Continue Reading →


Do Hair Pills = Hair Growth?

I wanted to share my experience with a popular hair growth vitamin called Biotin. For those of you who are unfamiliar with biotin, it is an enzyme that breaks down … Continue Reading →