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I Can’t Date a Man from New York

So, as a recently single gal, I’ve been exploring the dating scene in the greater New York city area. I moved to New York from Louisiana in late 2012. When … Continue Reading →

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Dear Mom, I’m No Longer a Virgin

  Dear Mom, I’m no longer a virgin. I know this is somewhat hard to believe (since for some odd reason you still think I’ve never been kissed before). I … Continue Reading →

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5 Things You Can Learn From a Breakup

Chances are if you are over the age of 21 you’ve gone through a breakup or two. No one wants to go through a bad breakup but there are several … Continue Reading →

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Men Don’t Know What They Have Until It’s Gone

My nightly routine consists of watching Wendy Williams at midnight when it replays on BET. I love the Hot Topics portion and tonight was no exception. One of the topics … Continue Reading →


It’s Okay for a Man to Cheat

When is cheating ever okay? Or rather, is cheating okay? I had a discussion tonight about cheating and came to one conclusion: men cheat…a lot. But because men cheat a … Continue Reading →

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I Want a Love Like Beyonce and Jay-Z

Ok…so the 56th annual Grammy Awards are still going on right now but we already have a lot of meme-worthy moments to tweet and instagram about. The highlight of my … Continue Reading →

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Should You Have Sex on the First Night?

Actor Michael B. Jordan said in a recent interview that he will lose respect for a woman if he has sex with her on the first night. Michael said what … Continue Reading →

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Are Men Threatened By Successful Women?

I was listening to the radio the other day and I heard the usual midday banter. On this particular day, the discussion was about The Bachelor. I’ve never watched a … Continue Reading →