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Dear Mom, I’m No Longer a Virgin

  Dear Mom, I’m no longer a virgin. I know this is somewhat hard to believe (since for some odd reason you still think I’ve never been kissed before). I … Continue Reading →


My Quarter-life Crisis Rant

I turn 27 in two and a half weeks. I’m kind of scared. I don’t know if my life is where it should be. In one sense, I’m in school … Continue Reading →


Black Women Have the Highest College Enrollment

Great news for black women: According to data collected by the US Census, in 2011 black women surpassed all other races and genders when it comes to college enrollment rates. … Continue Reading →

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9 Things Every College Student Should Know

College is a wonderful time in your life when you make life long friendships, start to establish who you are, and evaluate what really piques your interest. My undergrad career … Continue Reading →